Your Dating App Issues, Solved.

Online conversations dragging on too long? Not talking to the right people? These are common issues for people who are dating online - discover the research on how to solve them below.


Too much talking

Often, people spend days or weeks talking to a match online. People think that learning more about one another leads to better chemistry once they meet in person, but in fact the opposite often proves true. Research reveals a negative correlation between the duration of online conversation and the satisfaction of the meeting once it goes offline. When expectations build and you search for similarities online, you are more likely to be disappointed when dissimilarities occur offline.

So many matches, so little conversation

Sometimes the opposite is also a problem: you have a lot of matches, but you never receive a message from any of them. Every dating app provides options to its users - but do all of them generate real romantic connections? If you’re waiting for a match to speak to you online you could be waiting a long time. Maybe the only solution is to take the initiative to go offline...or if you’re not picky, just swipe right on everyone!

Getting an unmatch

Virtual communication is missing several important elements that occur in a real date, like body language, tone, and eye contact. People are more likely to misinterpret your messages when your communication occurs only online. Often, someone who previously matched with you will take these missed cues as a reason to move on from you. Research shows that the sooner you meet someone offline, the more willing to embrace these differences you will be.

So remember, dating apps succeed when they become a successful way to meet people offline, where the real chemistry happens. In that, dating hasn’t been changed even as it takes a wider variety of forms.