Top 5 Music Acts to Check Out In Boston

Boston is known for so many things, but one of the first that comes to mind is the amazing level of musical talent we have here. There really is nothing quite like going to a live show to see a new and exciting band! Maybe it’s because Boston is home to 100+ universities full of amazing musicians, or because there are so many awesome local venues waiting to host them, but anyone who is here should take advantage of the wealth of talent and go support these up-and-coming artists. To start you on your journey, here are five local music acts that have really captured our attention:




Show Dates: Stay up-to-date at

Listen to: “Lonely Works,” “Shadows & Silhouettes,” “Braver Than We Think,” “Good As New,” “See You Again”

We first saw “Peridot” in our sophomore year of college when they went by the name The Hillary Reynolds Band and we absolutely loved them—enough to get up and dance with them as they were performing. Straight out of Boston, lead singer Hillary’s voice harmonizes so beautifully with guitarist Trevor Jarvis’. Their autobiographical lyrics perfectly compliment their acoustic pop melodies. Time to admit our bias: We are suckers for alternative folk bands, and any band that includes cello is an automatic win by our standards. Peridot is probably busy touring around the country, so make sure you see them around Boston whenever you can!



Show Dates:

Listen to: “Robert Downey,” “Ask Around,” “Half Rich,” “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Tonight”


We were lucky to see this talented BU senior open for AlunaGeorge in September, and the relatively unknown rapper did an awesome job of pumping up the crowd. We had a chance to talk with him briefly about the show afterward, and his down-to-earth yet still passionate attitude was what really hooked us into fandom. With just four songs released so far, get in on the J action now and check out any performance you can before this Atlanta native blows up!

Never In Vegas


Tour Dates: October 7th at The Harp, October 8th at Hooley House, and October 29th at Gather, all in Boston

Listen to: “Shut Up And Dance,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Teenage Dream,” “Don’t Stop Believin’”

These guys are a quirky, high energy pop rock cover band that tours all over the Northeast. Still, it seems like Boston is their favorite performance spot. What we love most about them is their diverse but instantly recognizable setlist. They have enough upbeat pop songs to rock a nightclub, but transition easily to an intimate setting with their acoustic melodies. Whatever type of music you love, you will definitely find it in their clever twists on our favorite songs.

Amanda Palmer


Show Dates: November 10th at The Egg Center in Albany, NY

Listen to: “Astronaut,” “Ampersand,” “In My Mind,” “Do It With A Rockstar,” “The Bed Song”

OK, We're technically cheating with this one. Amanda Palmer, former lead singer of The Dresden Dolls, isn’t exactly “up-and-coming,” but this Cambridge native is one hell of a performer. You may know her for her popular TED Talk, her crowdfunding successes on Kickstarter and Patreon, or even her nudist tendencies, but first and foremost Amanda Palmer never fails to surprise with her intimate live shows. Whether she is playing piano or ukulele, she is sure to entertain with her personal (and often witty) lyrics and her deep, rich voice. At the very least, check out Amanda’s direct, outspoken communication with fans on Twitter.

Tigerman WOAH


Show Dates: October 7th at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain, MA and October 29 at Brent Water Brewery in Lynn, MA

Listen to: “Guess So,” “Old Plank Rd,” “Koopa,” “Wage Slave,” “My Grave”

What do you expect from a four-man band described as “Appalachian mountain folk/bluegrass-influenced pop rock with the occasional hip hop freak-out”? It’s impossible to tell until you see this eclectic group of musicians live, but we’ll give you one heads up: you have never heard a voice like lead singer Kevin’s, with the deepness of Johnny Cash and the raspiness of Bonnie Tyler. Make sure when you see them you come with enough energy to rock out to what will be one of the most unique live shows you’ve ever seen (because those beards, though).