In Search of...The Best Coffee in Boston

Most people need at least one cup of coffee in the morning to realize they’re awake. Oh, sure it’s fun to say to the world, on a coffee-less morning, “challenge accepted,” but in reality, that tactic doesn’t end well for most of us.

After doing some very thorough research (read: we’ve wandered around Boston in search of coffee more than once) we’ve come to some conclusions about where to find the best coffee in Boston. Here is what we found along the way:

Crema Café at 27 Brattle Street in Cambridge: while a bit crowded during the morning rush, their Golden Crema came highly recommended. If you’re interested in a double latte with cinnamon and honey, boy is it the place for you.

Next up on our coffee expedition: Barrington Coffee Roasting Company at 346 Congress Street in Fort Point. This place is known for its service, and they make really good strong coffee. To cut a long tasting short, this place is great for a simple coffee brewed the correct way, but for something more complicated we kept walking.

Ah, so much coffee and so little time. George Howell Coffee Company, at 311 Walnut Street in Newtonville makes a mean cappuccino. This place has the right amount of everything, including ambiance. We highly recommend.

Another great place for a classic cup is Render Coffee at 563 Columbus Avenue. To put it simply, their espresso is perfect. It’s also not far from the Museum of Fine Arts, so we recommend getting the coffee to go and stopping in at the MFA to see Boston’s biggest art collection.

While each place we stopped by has its own merits, our favorite is Pavement Coffeehouse at 1334 Boylston Street. The Daily Meal rates the Pavement Coffeehouse 19th best Coffee Shop in the nation thanks to its signature Spanish Latte, and it did not disappoint.

For most of us, Dunkin Donuts coffee is great and, well, addictive, for the everyday. Just know that there are coffee shops out there that can turn any day into a special day.