Blog 2

Joanne (26) is a typical girl (ehm... woman) from Amsterdam: she does important things in marketing, likes to hang out at hipster bars, plays around with her guitar and is just a tad more single than she would like to be. And she blogs, cause that's what people do nowadays. Joanne will be trying out ohello and you guys are welcome to join her. Well, in spirit at least.

Saturday night, eight thirty. I'm at home on the couch, phone in hand, ready for my very first hello. In all fairness: I'm pretty nervous. Strange cause an experienced online dater like me shouldn't break a sweat over this. Wrong! Cause no matter how annoying and frustrating the endless texting may be, there's a case to be made for a bit of digital probing before actually meeting up with someone. 'Let's see if he has a sense of humor and make sure he's not the president of the Donald Trump fanclub. If he turns out to be a complete moron, no problem. 'Sorry, gotta run. Text ya later!'. Great move by ohello to make a hello last only 45 minutes.

Are you ready to meet someone in 45 minutes? My screen shows six faces of men, all seem interesting enough to spend at least 30 minutes with, so this should be interesting. If they have time and like my mug too that is. And if not, there's always the second episode of The Voice. I press 'go' and the timer starts ticking. After three nerve-racking minutes (no, just kidding), I get a response! Rens (32) is up for a drink. The app invites us over to Café Golden Brown. It's just a five minute bike ride so I have more than half an hour and I'm already good to go. My make-up is still in the same place where I put it this morning (on my face that is) and the best of it all: I don't need to come up with a complicated dating outfit. I mean, had there been a stain on my sweater, I would have changed (provided I had found out before leaving the house, which is usually not the case), but I'm rocking the casual no-strings-attached look today.

As I arrive at the pink bar, Rens is already there and waves enthusiastically. Nice. I give him three kisses on the cheek (cause that's what we do in the Netherlands), drape myself on top of a stool and look him in the eyes. A brief moment of icy awkwardness follows. Where to begin when you know absolute nothing about each other? The tags on his ohello profile briefly cross my mind's eye. But it seems strange to begin with 'So, Rens, you like long showers, right?' Suddenly we both burst into giggling like two little girls.  Ice broken! When the timer goes off 45 minutes later, I've gotten to know a lot more about Rens. Including the fact that he will not be the father of my children, but we order a third beer nevertheless. We are having fun after all and I'm too late to catch The Voice anyway.

Keen to find out who else I will be meeting on ohello? So am I! Keep you posted!