Blog 1

Joanne (26) is a typical girl (ehm... woman) from Amsterdam: she does important things in marketing, likes to hang out at hipster bars, plays around with her guitar and is just a tad more single than she would like to be. And she blogs, cause that's what people do nowadays. Joanne will be trying out ohello and you guys are welcome to join her. Well, in spirit at least. 

'Are you sure you want to delete this app?' Yep. Good riddens. My Tinder career has come to an end. It was driving me crazy. Not because it's superficial, let's face it - meeting someone at a bar is pretty superficial too. But this endless texting....or rather the lack of it. Impossible! So you've finally found a nice (or at least acceptable) match, but then.......nothing. I did a quick count: out of my 183 Tinder matches whichI managed to photo flirt my way into over the past 2 years, I've actually texted 48 guys and around 30 of them never responded to my advances.

I did ask a few guys what's going on here. Turns out that some of them swipe everyone to the right (heart) just to see who likes them back. Once someone does, that's when they actually check to see if they like this person too. Sounds like a lot of work. But what may be even more annoying than the texting silence: the opening lines. Waaaay too clever, horribly dumb, embarrassing 'ice breakers' such as: 'I've always wondered, how do you eat your donut?' and 'Do you have bitable calves?'. Not to mention the extremely inappropriate booty texts, which usually show up when you're vast asleep, completely shitfaced with mascara on your cheeks and snoring with your mouth wide open. Dude, you have no idea.

There has to be something out there for a single woman in her twenties in a large city with more single women than men... well, ohelloooo, what just came by on my Facebook timeline? With ohello you meet new people. Not after a lengthy text session but right after the match. In a nice bar nearby. Are you in? You bet your sweet bippity butt that I'm in! Not just that: I will keep you guys posted on all of my adventures. Because whether a "hello" ends up an embarrassing fiasco, marriage, a life-long friendship or a new job: it sure as hell won't be boring. Blog you soon!