Ohello, nice to meet you! Don't worry. We also never heard of us before. So let us introduce ourselves.


Brian (CEO) and Daniel (COO): 

Celebrate their 20 years of friendship with the ohello release. A healthy dose of determination and somewhat youthful enthusiasm sure makes up for their lack in experience and knowhow.


Vesa, Max and Matthijs (Tech Team): 

Too bad we're not making rockets, because our tech guys are literally rocket scientists. We dream it up, they bring it to life.


Hendrawanto (Brand Director):  

Knows exactly why we do what we do. Loves to spread our ideas and believes.


Lotte and Jessica (Social Media): 

Put the 'social' back in Social Media.


Yaz (Intern): 

Still quite an enigma to us, but works faster than our wifi connection.

Enough about us. Now download our app, go on a hello and talk to someone new! It is called human interaction. And it is a beautiful thing.